3 Camping Food Recipes That You Will Love To Try

3 Camping Food Recipes That You Will Love To Try

Finding the right recipes for camping food is simply a matter of getting creative with the limited tools you have at your disposal. Our list of camping food ideas should help you out when you are out in the wilderness, and you're wondering what to eat, just make sure that you bring all of the ingredients needed beforehand as there are no grocery stores out in the woods.

The Importance Of Eating Well While Camping

Before we get into our recipes, we will first cover the reasons why it is important to bring good food and to eat well while you camp.

Depending on the length of your journey, you may find yourself out in the wilderness for an extended time frame, and over this period, you will very likely be doing a lot demanding physical exercise. Camping isn't exactly easy if you decide to take hikes and maybe even swims, so you will need a good way to replenish your energy.

Importance of Eating while Camping

Going a long time without eating nutritious and tasty food can have physical drawbacks as well as psychological drawbacks, you will get tired, aggravated and a whole host of other unpleasant things if you neglect to eat properly for the duration of your camping trip.

In our camping food list, we will attempt to cover some of the best camping food that you can find to bring with you and cook, but there are a few aspects of the food that you are cooking that you should consider before bringing it along.

Will It Cook On A Camp Stove?

If you are bringing a camp stove with you, you will increase the amount of versatility you have in your campground cooking as you will at least have something which is semi-reminiscent of a home kitchen. While a camp stove is certainly better for cooking than a campfire, you will find that it is still inadequate regarding heat and size to compare to a full-size stove.

Gas Stove Camping

This is why you must ensure that you do not bring a meal which is too large for the camp stove. Otherwise, you may sit there all day cooking your meal bit by bit so that it can fit on the camp stove. Regardless of the recipe, a camp stove is an excellent product to have just because of the increased versatility it affords you in your camp cooking when compared to a campfire.

3 Best Camping Food Recipes

We will now move on to the main attraction in our camping food list, where we will name the three best recipes for camping.


Known as s'mores because everyone always wants some more. This is one of the most famous camping recipes in the world, if not the most famous. It is also incredibly simple and does not require the use of a camping stove, allowing you to travel light. All you will need to make some s'mores is marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.


S'mores are remarkably easy to make, all that you must do is place a piece of chocolate on top of one of your graham crackers and set it aside, so it will be ready with another graham cracker (containing another piece of chocolate if you wish).

Once the crackers are set aside, you will have to melt a marshmallow over the open flame of your campfire, taking care to get it gooey but not burnt.

Once your marshmallow is adequately heated, you must place it between the chocolate covered graham crackers and make a sort of sandwich. This recipe is one of the oldest when it comes to the best camping food. Unfortunately, this is not vegan camping food, as most marshmallows contain gelatin.


This is another campfire classic. If you are looking for a delicious and savory alternative to smores, you will find that Frankfurters are a great choice. Bring a package with you on your next camping trip along with some buns, ketchup and mustard packets, and you should be prepared to make your frankfurters over your open flame.

Frankfurters Near a Fire

We also recommend bringing kebabs or something with which you may hold the frankfurters over the open flame without burning yourself. If you do not have access to kebabs, you may always find a suitable stick to poke through your frankfurter, but you will have to ensure that the stick is clean before you use it for your food.

Campfire Grilled Cheese

Another excellent choice you can make when it comes to the best camping food recipes is to make campfire grilled cheese. In this case, all you will need is bread, cheese, possibly ham, and aluminum foil.

Simply assemble your grilled cheese as you would usually, including whatever additional ingredients you enjoy in your grilled cheese sandwiches, this can be bacon, chicken or anything else. Once the sandwich is assembled, wrap it in aluminum foil and hold it out over your campfire. While you may also make your grilled cheese on your camping stove, this method works for those who have not brought a camping stove along with them.

Grilled Cheese while Camping

It is also more unique than the typical manner of making grilled cheese on a stove, which is possible at home.


We hope that our camping food recipes have helped you decide on what to bring along to eat on your next camping trip. Contrary to popular belief, there are many delicious camping food recipes which you can enjoy while camping, and we have barely scratched the surface.

Just because you’re going camping doesn’t change the fact that you can still bring, good, delicious food along with you. In fact, sitting around the campfire, eating and telling tales is one of the oldest camping traditions.

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