ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

Kids Playing on ALPS Camping Table

The problem with taking tables camping with you is that if you have to hike a ways in order to get to your campsite, they can be challenging to get there. When you just want a little table that you can set things on, especially a portable one that you can keep in your tent and strap to your backpack, they can be almost impossible to find, or are awkward and won’t fold up properly.

Those problems are history with this little table. You’ll be able to pack this away without even noticing the weight and set it up when you need a sturdy little stand for cooking, holding your drink or in your tent.

Features / Benefits

  • This table has so many features that it is difficult to know where to start. There are two different levels to it. The top level can be used for you to play cards or store things on top of – including heavy items and the bottom level can give you even more storage space.
  • Lightweight and portable; you can pack this table up in seconds and strap it on your pack without even realizing that it is there.
Folded ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table
  • Allows you to use the easy buckles to adjust the tightness of the table, which means that you can use it for everything from a footrest to a table to hold heavy items.
  • It will hold your beverages securely without any danger of them tipping over because it has four cup holders.
  • Has a mesh storage pocket that you can use to keep things organized.
  • Fits into an easy shoulder carry bag with a total weight of just six pounds.

What Makes It Different

What makes this table different is how compact and small it is when it is folded up compared to how useful it can be when you have it expanded. You truly get the best of both worlds here: a lightweight table that you can easily carry and a heavy-duty one that is strong enough for everything.

Checkboard Table on ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

Potential drawbacks

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to this product. First, the legs are relatively thin and if you overload it with too many items there is a chance that it will tip over. In addition, it’s not overtly large. It isn’t a small table by any means but you aren’t going to have a ton of room for various food prep items. It measures about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet and is about the same height from the ground.

Plans / Pricing

The price on this product is about $30 and it qualifies for free shipping on top of that.

ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table on White Background

Our Rating

4.6 Star Rating


You should buy this product if you need a lightweight table for just a few items that are relatively light. Although you can place heavy items on it, you increase the chances of tipping over. If you want to play cards, store a few food items or put your keys and phone on the table inside your tent, this will work fine for you.

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