Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Camp Kitchen

Kitchen Utensils on Coleman Deluxe Kitchen

When it comes to camp kitchens, they are often messy affairs that you have put together piecemeal and require finding everything and trying to keep it together during cleanup. You have to make do with a separate table, combined with your camp stove and then all of your utensils and cookware.

But this Deluxe Camp Kitchen combines all of the basics so you can pack it up fast at the end of your trip. Your problems of keeping your camp kitchen organized are in the past with this amazing utility from Coleman.

Features / Benefits

  • This camp kitchen set gives you all of the space you need to store your food, your cooking utensils and everything you need to make camp meals. You will have all of your cooking gear within easy reach when you use this unit
  • Because this is a Coleman product not only do you know that it is going to be sturdy and of quality construction, it also is compatible with many of the Coleman camping stoves, with many fitting perfectly
Woman Opening Camping Kitchen
  • You get so much space with this kitchen unit and it has been specifically designed for camping. Here are all of the areas that come with this: a paper towel holder, racks for condiments and spices, a sink basin that you can remove to dump, a pantry shelf to store food and a hook to hand a lantern so you can see to cook by
  • That’s not even including the side table, which is intended to fit your Coleman stove and allow you to cook right next to where you keep your food and spices
  • There is even a mesh storage area for you to put a trash bag in so you don’t have to make the trek across your camp site to throw away food packaging

What Makes It Different

There are a few things that make this kitchen set unique. You just don’t get this kind of space with most kitchen units. You usually get enough to cook and hold some food items, but no more than what you would get with a regular folding table.

Couple Drinking Coffee

This one has everything, including the kitchen sink (pun intended), and it is lightweight, portable and durable.

Potential Drawbacks

The only drawback with this kitchen set is that it does not come with the cookware that you need – you will have to buy that separately. However, with this price it would be almost impossible to do that anyway.

You can even turn this into a positive, because many people prefer to put together their own cookware sets for camping anyway, because what they buy depends a lot upon what they plan to cook, and how many people in the camp.

Plans / Pricing

This camp kitchen is just under $100 and free shipping. There is no beating this incredible price.

Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Kitchen on White Background

Our Rating

4.2 Star Rating


There is no reason not to get this. It will make camp cooking easier and it is worth every penny. This is a very solid product that every camper should have.

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