Coleman Portable Deck Chair With Side Table

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Camping chairs don’t just have to be comfortable; they also have to be portable. This can be a difficult compromise to reach, particularly because even if you make a camp chair lightweight enough to carry around, they can sometimes be bulky and difficult to transport. This camping or deck chair from Coleman solves that problem.

Features / Benefits

  • This chair features a steel frame that is strong and durable, support the weight of an adult up to 225 pounds safely. It will probably support a bit more than that because the manufacturer’s maximum weight is based upon covering themselves legally.
  • It is a very comfortable chair to sit in and even has padded armrests that allow you to lay back and lounge without starting to get stiff or sore.
Bottle of Water in Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair Table
  • The chair comes with its own side table, which securely holds your drink or anything you want to have next to you. It is a very solid table that will support a great deal of weight.
  • This chair folds almost completely flat so that you can easily pack a few of them in your vehicle for your camping trip and you can store them when you aren’t using them without taking up hardly any space.
  • When you need to carry this chair, it is so light and easy that you won’t even think you’ve got a chair with you. It has a handle to make it even easier.
  • Has a 1 year limited warranty with it.
  • It is only 7 pounds.

What Makes It Different

What makes this chair different is that it is truly a comfortable, lightweight chair that is perfect for camping; easy to set up, easy to transport and comfortable to sit on. As an added bonus you get a really solid table right next to you.

Young Man Sitting in Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair

Potential Drawbacks

There are three minor problems with these chairs that make them a little difficult to recommend. The first is that some customers have reported that the stitching can come undone after just a few months of use.

In addition, although these are sturdy, there are sturdier chairs out there for about the same price. These are good chairs; they are not the best chairs on the market.

Finally, the drink holder is a little shallow and the table isn’t all that steady. You could easily jostle the drink out of the holder and spill it if you aren’t careful.

Plans / Pricing

You might expect to pay $75 or more for a durable chair like this from such a solid brand, and even more when you consider that a similar stand-alone table would cost around $50 by itself. But this chair is only about $40 for everything.

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Our Rating

4.7 Star Rating


This is a good chair, but there are better ones out there. The flip table is an amazing feature because sometimes you don’t get seated next to a table. But they aren’t the best camp chairs on the market; only recommended to those who make having a table next to them a priority.

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