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Hammocks are some of the most comfortable sleeping devices out there. Those who have tried hammocks never want to go back to the hard air mattress or worse yet – sleeping on the ground on a thin little pad or hard cot. But finding a good hammock can be challenging – especially if you want to fit two in it. This hammock is the solution to that search.

Features / Benefits

  • This hammock is simply one of the strongest ones out there. You can support the weight of two adults up to 400 pounds (and it will probably support more weight since companies always go low for legal reasons). The material is 700 high-tenacity nylon taffeta with triple stitching that interlocks for extra protection.
  • This is a mesh fabric hammock which means you’ll be able to stay cooler even in the hottest environments.
ENO Hammock Carabiners
  • You can set this hammock up in literally minutes and the line is super strong, made to work on ships and other nautical environments where strong line is a must.
  • Includes durable Wiregate carabiners to secure the hammock to just about any surface you want.
  • This hammock is big enough for two people with measurements of 9.4 inches long and 6.2 inches wide. This isn’t as long as some of the others, but it is wide enough for everyone and has several extra inches in length.
  • There are literally dozens and dozens of colors that you can get this hammock in. There is a drop down list that you can browse and find the perfect color combination to fit your own unique style.

What Makes It Different

Eagle Nest Outfitters is a really great brand that you can depend upon and this is a high quality hammock for two people that offers the perfect amount of length and width without being excessive. For just about anyone – this is the perfect combination of size, quality and portability.

ENO Double Hammock Pocket

Potential Drawbacks

The only real drawback here is that this hammock comes with carabiners and line rather than with straps, which makes it a little less secure. However, the straps are easy to get if you need them and they don’t make a huge amount of difference anyway except in two cases.

First, where you are planning to exceed the maximum recommended weight of the hammock or second, where you might be installing it and anchoring it to objects that aren’t the most stable. Otherwise, there are no drawbacks to having this hammock.

Plans / Pricing

Approximately $70 is the price on this hammock, but you will find that there are comparable hammocks out there for about twice as much. There are also a little cheaper hammocks, but they are usually for one person.

ENO Double Hammock on White Background

Our Rating

4.8 Star Rating


So, should you get this hammock? This is a yes recommendation because it is a high-quality product, but with the qualifier that – only if you cannot find a comparable hammock that is the same price, because there are a few of them out there.

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