Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Woman Sitting in Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Camp chairs that are made to be as light as possible usually suffer from a really big problem – they tend to have trouble supporting weight and will even collapse and can cause minor injuries. But the Kijaro Camp Chair with dual lock system solves that problem, giving you a light camp chair that will stay set up for as long as you need it to.

Features / Benefits

  • The first feature is that this is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market right now. Kijaro has been able to create an amazing chair that simply allows you to relax while you are at camp. It features just the right amount of give on the seat and back to make sitting a wonderful experience.
  • There are eleven vibrant colors that you get to choose from when you get this chair. Get all of them in your favorite colors or have a rainbow of camp chairs by getting them all.
Cup Holders on Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair
  • There are two cup holders that are included, one in each armrest, so you always have your drink or pack of cigarettes within easy reach.
  • In addition, there is a zip organizer with a mesh pocket that allows you to keep your personal items safe while you are sitting in your camp chair or are at the beach in a bathing suit with no pockets.
  • One of the strongest chairs out there with a 300 pound safety weigh limit. It probably goes over though.
  • Finally, the most important feature is the dual-lock technology that is included here. Whether it is open or closed, you will be able to lock it to keep it that way until you want to change. Requires actually pushing a button to unlock it.
  • The back seat has breathable mesh so you will stay cooler on a hot day.

What Makes It Different

What makes this chair different than anything else on the market is that it will simply hold you and then pack up and allow you to transport it with no problems. In addition, you will love how comfortable this chair is. It is one of the most comfortable camp chairs on the market.

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair Bag on White Background

Potential Drawbacks

There are only two potential problems with these chairs. The first is that some people have had to replace the bolts because they broke off. These do seem to be isolated incidents and it is unclear how much weight was put on the chair to cause this.

The second thing is the chair is still pretty long when it is folded up. This makes it a little more difficult to store in your vehicle.

Plans / Pricing

Almost every single one of the 11 colors that this comes in is priced at a very low price of approximately $30. That includes free shipping on qualifying orders.

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair on White Background

Our Rating

4.5 Star Rating


The bottom line here though is that this is a great chair – especially for folks with wider seats of their own. The price is right, it is light enough to carry and it is a good camping chair for anyone.

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