Krazy Outdoors Mosquito Net Hammock

Krazy Outdoors Mosquito Net Hammock Between Trees

Hammocks are wonderful things to take with you when you are camping, backpacking or just going on vacation. But the problem with hammocks is that they usually aren’t made for camping.

They expose you to the elements, aren’t all that sturdy, and most of all, they allow you to become an all-you-can-eat buffet for the insects. This hammock, from Krazy Outdoors, eliminates all of those problems.

Features / Benefits

  • The first feature that makes this a great purchase is that it is one of the highest quality hammocks out there. It features parachute quality nylon (if it will keep you from falling to your death it will support your weight lying on it) and it is reinforced for extra strength.
  • This is a very portable hammock as well, weighing just over a pound. You can carry this around with you and set up your bed anywhere you can find two suitable trees. It packs down into a tiny little sack that you can throw in your backpack and head out on the jungle trail.
Hammock Ropes And Carabiners
  • This is also built for one person to be super comfortable so it may even work for two if they snuggle up close. It is more than ten inches in length and almost five feet wide. There is plenty of room to stretch out and sleep in any position.
  • Comes with a world-class mosquito net that keeps out the little bloodsuckers and other insects. Even the smallest bugs will be unable to cross the force field keeping you protected.
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it – for any reason at all – the company offers you a complete refund.

What Makes It Different

What makes this hammock different is simple –it’s huge and incredibly strong. It is the same size as some hammocks that are built for two, so you have to wonder what their two person hammock would look like. It is simply a high-quality product that you can’t beat with any other brand.

Krazy Outdoors  Mosquito Net Hammock Bag

Potential Drawbacks

There really hasn’t been anything for customers to complain about and almost everything is at four or five stars. The only issue that popped up once or twice was that the carabiners had sharp edges and were not as high-quality as the hammock itself. Otherwise, there are no drawbacks for this product.

Plans / Pricing

This hammock is at an incredible price for how good it is. Approximately $30 gets you into this giant hammock and gives you a comfortable place to sleep or relax on your next camping trip. When some hammocks of this quality are priced $100 or more, you can’t beat $35.

Krazy Outdoors Mosquito Net Hammock on White Background

Our Rating

4.3 Star Rating


The simple answer to whether or not this hammock is recommended is yes. If you want a good quality hammock that has plenty of space for yourself and perhaps another loved one, you can easily use this hammock for a long time to come. The price is just perfect and everything else about it makes it an easy recommend.

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