ONWEGO Ultralight Camping And Outdoor Chair

Woman Sitting in ONWEGO Camping Chair

Not only do you want a camping chair that is completely durable and will stand up to the rigors of camping, you also want one that is lightweight enough to carry with you from one campsite to another, or from your vehicle to your campsite. That’s exactly where the ONWEGO Ultralight Camping Chair shines, giving you the performance without the extra weight that often makes camp chair difficult to transport.

Features / Benefits

  • This is one of the lightest chairs on the market and one that you will be able to easily carry on your back or in your hand without noticing the weight. This is actually less than two pounds.
  • This chair folds up to become one of the smallest chair packages on the market. Just 14 inches by 5 inches inside of the stuff sack (included), this chair can be tied onto your backpack or carried under your arm with no problem. The stuff sack even has handles on it so you can carry it in your hand.
Woman Holding Camping Chair in Bag
  • This is an incredibly comfortable chair. Just because it is compact, don’t underestimate how comfortable this chair is.
  • This chair also has one of the simplest set ups out there for this type of lightweight camp chair. The four leg design and aluminum poles come together in seconds so that you can sit down.
  • Comes with a Velcro strap that holds everything together when the chair is broken down.
  • Made of extremely durable airplane-grade aluminum that will allow you to use it in a camp setting without worrying about damaging it or causing wear-and-tear. Even the nylon is outdoor quality to make it more durable.

What Makes It Different

What makes this chair different than the others that are out there is that it is seriously strong while still being one of the smallest and lightest chairs on the market. You just can’t find this quality and durability for chairs that weight less than two pounds and fold up to the size of a small handbag.

Woman Holding ONWEGO Ultralight Camping Chair

Potential Drawbacks

One of the things about this chair that makes it unsuitable for everyone – particularly those who have a hard time getting up from chairs – is that it is really low to the ground. This is probably the only problem with this chair because everything else is great. But those who are a little overweight, who have back problems or the elderly, may have a difficult time standing up after sitting in one.

Plans / Pricing

The price is absolutely incredible on this camp chair. You get all of the features you could possibly want for just under $50, which means that you can get as many as you need for your camping trip.

ONWEGO Ultralight Camping Chair on White Background

Our Rating

4.6 Star Rating


The bottom line here is that if the fact that you will have to struggle a little to get up from the ground when you sit in this chair doesn’t bother you, you should go ahead and get one. It has everything you want and the price is really low.

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