Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock with Straps And Carbiners

Couple Sitting in Sawtooth Hammock

Attaching a camping hammock to the trees so that it can support the weight of two people and not have any danger of falling down can be challenging. But the Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock was made for this challenge, including the hardware that you need and combining it with a heavy-duty hammock that will support your weight.

Features / Benefits

  • Unlike many of the hammocks on the market, this one actually comes with straps and carabiners which means you get the maximum amount of strength and stability that you can with a hammock.
  • This is one of the largest hammocks out there, even including the ones that are built for two. The measurements of this hammock are 10 feet long and six-and-a-half feet wide. Two adults will be able to lay in it very comfortably and if you just use it for one person it will be heavenly with tons and tons of room.
Sawtooth Double Hammock with Straps And Carabiners Features
  • This hammock comes in four bright and vibrant colors.
  • Easy to set up with all of the included hardware. Suspension straps and premium carabiners make setting up this hammock and making it secure a breeze.
  • This hammock is made for camping. It is tear-resistant, weather-resistant and one of the most durable ones on the market.
  • This hammock also allows you to set it up quickly and secure it just about anywhere because of the hardware that comes with it. There is a stuff bag included and you can break it down and put it away in just minutes, which means that you’ll be using it all of the time, even when you are just stopping for a fifteen minute break while hiking.

What Makes It Different

The reason that this hammock is one of the top choices out there is simple –it includes everything that you would get with a standard hammock but comes with the extra hardware that you would normally have to buy separately. Plus, it is longer than you would expect and quite a bit wider. This is just an all-around good quality hammock.

Girls Laying on Sawtooth Hammock

Potential Drawbacks

When it comes to potential drawbacks there is – quite literally – nothing to report. Almost every hammock listed on Amazon has some one-star and two-star reviews but this hammock has none of those. 100% of the ratings on this hammock are 3 stars or higher and 99% are 4 stars or higher. This has no drawbacks to mention.

Plans / Pricing

The price is fairly standard. In fact, you might think it’s a little low for a two-person hammock which usually start at around $50, which is exactly how much this one costs. For as good of a hammock as this is, the price is perfect.

Sawtooth Double Hammock with Straps And Carabiners

Our Rating

4.7 Star Rating


There is no reason not to get this hammock. It has everything you need, including extra hardware for the best secure installation possible. With the price so low and the quality so high – and a major lack of negative reviews – this is the perfect hammock.

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