Stansport 24 Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set

Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set

When it comes to camp tableware sets, they usually come in just one of two varieties – heavy cups, bowls and plates that are difficult to carry around or light, aluminum tableware sets that won’t stand up to being out in the elements and rolled around with the rest of the gear.

The Stansport Enamel Tableware Set is the best melding of the things you want in tableware.

Features / Benefits

  • The first great feature with this product is the construction. It is made of sturdy metal that is going to last and allow you to throw it in the back of your car with your other camping gear.
  • This is actually very attractive tableware as well with an enamel finish in a rich blue color that features stainless steel edges.
Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set
  • There are 24 pieces to this camp tableware set which means that a family or group of four will have all of the tableware that they need. This comes with four cups that hold 12 ounces of liquid, four 6-inch bowls, four 10-inch plates, and four full sets of cooking flatware including a fork, a knife and a spoon.
  • This tableware set is dishwasher safe so you can use it at home or put it in the dishwasher at the end of your camping trip as well as use scrubbers and other abrasive cleaning tools when you need to wash it during your trip. It is easy to clean as well.

What Makes It Different

The thing that makes this tableware set a cut above the average is that it has two layers of protection that make it perfect for camping – the steel construction and the enamel coating on the outside. With paper and plastic, there is a risk of melting when you are cooking around a fire and this tableware set will not have that problem.

Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set

Potential Drawbacks

There is one major problem with this tableware set that could present difficulties using it for camping. Although the knife cuts fine and is really sharp, the flatware is pretty flimsy in general. Although it can easily be bent back into shape, you might start getting annoyed if you try to use it like your flatware at home because there is the possibility of bending.

Plans / Pricing

Probably the best thing about this set is the price. For just about $25 you have camp tableware that is some of the best quality tableware out there and you get attractiveness, durability and plenty of pieces of everyone as well.

Stansport 24 Piece Enamel Camping Tableware Set on White Background

Our Rating

4.3 Star Rating


The point here though is that this is a just $25 tableware set that includes everything and is durable enough for camping. Although you may not be able to use your fork to cut through really tough meat, you’ll be able to eat with it just fine.

For the price, you should get this just to have on hand in case your need some extra tableware, but it will work just fine for a family of campers on a budget as well.

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