What About Camping Toilets

Portable Camping Toilet

No one wants to think about it, but the truth is, everyone has to use the bathroom, and just because you are on a camping trip, your bowels and bladder aren’t going to suspend operations. That’s why you need to think about camping toilets in the planning stages of your trip to the wilderness.

If you went camping a few decades ago, you would have to be happy with some toilet paper and a private spot in the trees. Luckily, today there are actual camp toilets that you can park a ways away from your site and use without having to put on a show for the animals.

How to Choose The Best Camping Toilet

So, how do you choose the best camping toilet? The answer is through sort of a process of elimination. There are some basic questions that you’ll want to ask yourself to determine just what sort of toilet is best for your camping trip.

Camping Portable Toilet in Car
  • How many people are you planning on having on your camping trip? The more people you have, the larger the toilet, unless you want to be changing the toilet bags or other container all of the time.
  • Do you have kids or elderly persons that are going to need a toilet that is very close and easy to use? When you have to get to the bathroom fast, you want a toilet that is easy to use and more importantly, you want it to be available.

Once you have those basic questions answered, then the type of toilet that you choose will depend upon how much money you are planning on spending, and the type of toilet that you prefer. If you are urban camping where there is a bathroom on the campgrounds you may not need a camp toilet at all, or you may be able to make do with a makeshift toilet that you have just for emergencies.

Types of Camping Toilets

Camping toilet ideas abound by the hundreds and there are lots of different camping toilets on the market as well as dozens of makeshift toilets as well. Here are some of the common types of camping toilets out there.

  • The campground toilet - Obviously, if your campground has a toilet in place you will not have to worry about bringing your own.
Campground Toilet in Forest
  • The port-a-potty - These types of toilets are usually available for rent and set up in advance by the company you get them from. Although these can be useful for large families and groups, many port-a-potty companies will not install their toilets at out-of-the-way campgrounds.
  • The portable bucket toilet - Bucket toilets are the simplest of the portable camping toilets and they are basically just like they sound – a bucket that you use to go to the restroom in. The disadvantage of the bucket system is that it produces an odor which can attract animals. Another thing that you may not like is that the bucket toilet will need to be emptied and cleaned out.
  • The chemical toilet - Chemical toilets come in a couple of different types. The main advantage to using a chemical toilet is that the waste is dispersed chemically so you get a lot less odor than you do with the bucket type. Chemical toilets may still need to be emptied, but they are easier to handle and many people prefer them.
  • The flushable toilet - The flushable toilet also uses a bucket or container but the difference is, it also uses water to flush and then traps the waste within the toilet. This is also useful because of the reduction in odors and because the waste is mixed with water, it makes it easier to clean.

The Portable Camping Toilet

Portable toilets for camping exist in just about every type of camping toilet out there. However, the specific type that we will be discussing here is the collapsible toilet.

Flushing Water on Camping Toilet

For those who are backpacking or who have to carry gear a long way, the standard portable toilet may be too much to carry. They are usually big and bulky and need to be brand new or cleaned thoroughly before you will want to carry them.

A collapsible toilet usually breaks down flat and will fit into a backpack or other carrying bag. They may not be completely clean so you want to cover them with a garbage bag if transporting between uses before you put them in your pack.

Buying & Using Camping Toilet Bags

Camping toilet bags are the accessory that goes along with the portable or collapsible toilet. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when it comes to disposable bags. First, you want to make sure that you get a toilet that will allow you to have somewhat of a choice.

Camping Toilet Bags

There are toilets out there that make it extremely difficult to attach anything but bags that they sell, and if you run out at camp, Amazon may not be able to deliver you more. It would be beneficial to be able to use a garbage or grocery bag when this happens, although you want to double or triple bag in this case to prevent leaks.

That is the other thing about these bags. Some of them are very flimsy and will not hold waste very well. Make sure you check product reviews before you buy.

Buying a Comfortable Camping Toilet Seat

The last thing is buying a comfortable toilet seat. The collapsible toilets, bucket toilets or any other camp toilet that you find do not always have the most comfortable seats, which can make going to the bathroom a pain.

White Portable Toilet Seat

However, there are cushioned seats out there, many that are scented to mask odors, that you can fit on top of your portable toilet and have all of the comforts of home right out there in the woods.

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